Group exercises classes with Reformer Pilates


Pilates is a form of exercise principles that simulates movements of daily activities – be it office work, housework, trade work i.e. lifting, or athletic performance. The principles can be applied to all human movement and are designed to aid an individual discover a deeper awareness of their own musculoskeletal system. At Modern Physiotherapy, our aim is to create a space for individuals to explore and learn a deeper connection with their body and their mind, and to learn to connect with some key muscles to improve their quality of movement in activities of daily living with the intent of improving quality of life in the long term.

At Modern Physiotherapy we have modified many of the traditional Pilates techniques. The aim of this alteration is to give the best service based on our experience as physiotherapist, current research and our deep understanding of movement science. We look at this alteration as a modernization and enhancement.

Hence, we refuse to call ourselves Pilates instructors. We are physiotherapists who use Pilates equipments to help you optimize your musculoskeletal system based on your initial assessment with us!



  •  Increased Muscular Endurance
  •  Increased Body Awareness
  •  Increased Core Strength
  •  Improved Posture
  •  Increased Flexibility
  •  Improved Breathing
  •  A Long and Lean Body
  •  Reduced Body Fat

In Modern Physiotherapy now we offering FREE INTIAL ASSESSMENT CONSULATATION.


Modern Physiotherapy offers a variety of packages to cater for everyone’s needs.

Packages Class duration Price private Health Cover Rebates Supervised/unsupervised
Single session 60 Mins $30 Per Session Rebate-able Physiotherapy supervision
Private 1 on 1 class 60 Mins $95 per session Rebate-able Physiotherapy supervision
10 Session package 60 Mins each session $280 Rebate-able Physiotherapy supervision
20 Session package 60 Mins each session $500 Rebate-able Physiotherapy supervision
20 session unsupervised package 60 Mins each session $300 NOT Rebate-able Unsupervised sessions

Please call 6161 0690 for any more information.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

At Modern physiotherapy we care for you, our Client. We are committed to providing excellent service. This is why we offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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