Tak Cheng


Tak Cheng

APA Registered Physiotherapist

Tak is a Registered Physiotherapist and a Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association (APAM). He has completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy from The University of Notre Dame, Australia. He was considered one of the top student in his cohort and consequently awarded as 1st Class Honour graduate. He is currently completing his Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) at Curtin University. In addition to being a physiotherapist, he also supervises under-graduate students on clinical placement.

His excellent manual skills in physiotherapy was noted by Sam Abbaszadeh, one of the directors of Modern Physiotherapy during his teaching Period at University of Notre Dame. After working in Fremantle Hospital for over a year, Tak was offered a job at Modern Physiotherapy to join his teacher/lecturer as a colleague.

Tak joined Modern Physiotherapy’s team full time from January 2017. His extensive experience as elite sportsman has swayed his interests towards Sport Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Tak has a special interest in treating all sporting injuries including, strain and sprains of peripheral joints (such as ankle and knees). He also assesses athletes and general population in gym settings for specialised rehabilitation.

Tak also performs Musculoskeletal Screening for adolescence including assessment for Scoliosis, postural assessment, Muscle testing, running assessments and special tests for hypermobility. Furthermore, Tak conducts gait analysis and has been trained to operate the GaitScan technology to assess foot biomechanics. With the use of this technology and assistance of our partners at The Orthotic Group, he is then able order Custom-made orthotics for his clients.

Modern Physiotherapy is also equipped with state of art technology of Pressure Wave Therapy (AKA: Radial Shock Wave Therapy). Tak has undergone the appropriate training to use this devise to treat tendon pains and conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis elbow, Gluteal Tendinopathy/Bursitis.

In his free time, Tak is an avid powerlifter and gym enthusiast with a strong interest in coaching individuals to achieve short and long-term goals. He has competed and won a few bodybuilding competitions (INBA, ANB and NABBA – different federations), Powerlifting Australia member and competed in local and Invitational only competitions



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